Portfolio of Work

Website Audit - Balabans

Balabans is fine dining and wine destination in Chesterfield, Missouri. We provided some digital research on how to maximize the existing assets of the restaurant and presented our recommendations in a one hour meeting. The restaurant has implemented several of our recommendations and is seeing increased traffic in dinner reservations.

Website Conversion - Gard Consulting

Larry Gard owns a consulting agency focusing on operational excellence. He was very happy with his website but was not happy with the support he was receiving from his developer. We worked with Larry and his developer to move his site to our hosting platform on Business Catalyst.

Balaban's - Marketing Services Agreement

Balaban's contracted with Hip Hoopla to provide marketing services including eMail Marketing, Promotional Development, and Staff Training

Solomon Contracting - Marketing Services Agreement

After re-engineering the Solomon Contracting Website, the company hired Hip Hoopla for Marketing Services. The goal was to streamline all marketing activities into one calendar, ensure brand consistency across channels, provide insights to get better, and increase leads.

Contact Details

Address: 702 Spirit 40 Park Suite 110 Chesterfield MO 63005

Email: info@hiphhopla.com

Google Maps: See our location online.

Phone: 314-651-5200


Hello World12-Jul-2016

Hello World - we are upgrading our website. In keeping with full transparency, we are not putt..

Balaban's Re-News Services Contract12-Mar-2016

The iconic restaurant, formerly located in the Central West End of St Louis and now residing in ..

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