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Elizabeth Bridge - Tuesday, December 01, 2015

If you have been following my blog, you will know that since Penguin killed the charlatans, I have been keen to help my peeps build authority the right way - by providing information that is helpful and useful to your customers and other inquiring minds.  Depending on who you are and what you happen to be pondering at any given moment, you are likely to jump on the Google or Bing to get an answer to your question.  In fact, Google answers a question over a billion times a day.  And no surprise, Google wants to answer your question better than Bing so that you keep on using Google.

blog workflow

That brings us to Blogs, I am going to layout the basic work-flow that your blog efforts should follow:

  1. Create blog topics that answer the customers question, eases his worried mind.

  2. Write an original piece of work based on your expert opinion that answers the customer questions, eases his worried mind.

  3. Share the URL link of your blog on your social media channels

  4. Make sure you share the URL on Google +

  5. Send a summary of your article to your email newsletter list with a link back to your blog.

Blog Topics

Your company blog should be answering questions that people may have about the industry, product or service you provide as they travel along the consumer path.  Step out of your business, or better yet, ask someone who knows nothing about your business what problems are encountered which prompt them to make a search around your space. For a good example of the customer path, check out my blog on search engine marketing. Your blog topics should be centered on answering the customer's questions, easing the customer's worried mind. 

Share your Blog Link on Social Media Channels

If you are a business to consumer entity, you should at minimum have a facebook fan page.  If you are business to business entity, you should have at least a linked-in page.  Twitter is a great news feed tool that is easy to maintain and is useful for both BtoC and BtoC businesses.  YouTube is an awesome channel for everyone.  The social media space is cluttered and crowded - take a look at the social media prism in my prior blog.  As with all disruptive technology, we can expect consolidation and the emergence of winners and losers.  That being said, nothing looks worse than integrating with a social media channel, and then failing to listen to it or update.  Choose carefully, keep you eyes open to new things, and take on only what your can maintain.

Oh, and did I mention, make sure your share your blog post on your social media channels!  If you are maintaining numerous channels, I recommend Hoot Suite as a great tool for managing your multiple channels.

Google your Blog Topic

That's right, google your Blog topic.  For example, pretend you just adopted a new dog.  A question you may have is "How much should I feed by Dog?"  Thus, if you are in the pet supply, care, or service business, you would be wise to write a blog article entitled "How much should I feed my dog".  If you google the question - look what happens:


 Look - the second organic link is an article written and published on a very high authority site. 

Answer the Question Online and Link your Blog Article

So here is the last step, find an online forum, publication, etc., where you can answer the question and then link back to your blog article.  Boom - you just dropped your link on a high authority site, and you helped the customer answer a question and eased his worried mind.

Here is a visual on what the work flow should look like:

I hope your find this information helpful.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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