Website Audit - Balabans

Details of Project

  • Client: Website Audit - Balabans
  • Used Tools: Google Trends, SEOMoz
  • Link to Project: Visit Site

Things we completed

  • Made it Easy for Mobile Users
  • Increased Dinner Reservations
  • Saved Money by Training Staff to do SEO

Balabans is fine dining and wine destination in Chesterfield, Missouri.  We provided some digital research on how to maximize the existing assets of the restaurant and presented our recommendations in a one hour meeting.  All of our initial recommendations were things the restaurant could do on their own without the expense or help of an outside consultant.  The restaurant has implemented several of our recommendations and is seeing increased traffic in dinner reservations.  We also added a mobile only site which takes all of the information from the website and formats the content for mobile visitors which are more than 40% of the sites traffic.

Contact Details

Address: 702 Spirit 40 Park Suite 110 Chesterfield MO 63005


Google Maps: See our location online.

Phone: 314-651-5200


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