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Affordable Tools to Manage your Golf League

According to the National Golf Foundation there are over 15,000 golf courses in the United States. Unless you belong to a private country club, most golf leagues are managed by a beleaguered group of player/volunteers. These folks are responsible for managing all aspects of league play, and many are winging it, using a hodge-podge of business tools.

Golf Genius is widely regarded as the best golf league and tournament management software available. For many leagues, the price tag of this software renders it out-or-reach. How can smaller leagues better manage the various tasks associated with running a league?

Let's start by listing the various tasks involved in running a league:

  1. Roster of Members to include contact information and GHINs

  2. Collect Annual Membership Dues

  3. Schedule and Publish Games

  4. Sign-ups by the Members for Games, Events, and Tournaments

  5. Pairing Participants into Groups on Play Days

  6. Communication with the Golf Club Pro Shop

  7. Publishing Results of Games, Events, Tournaments

  8. Handicap and Rules Enforcement

  9. Soliciting New Members

Wow - what a list! Where would you start?

Well here's how we cut out a bunch of static and noise at small league located in Las Vegas. The first year, we decided to put all forms on a small website - you know what I mean. Tournament Flyers from our clubs and other clubs, Membership forms, local rules, etc.,

So which website platform? We chose GoDaddy for it's affordability and ability to upload forms to the platform. Check it out here:

The next problem to tackle was the weekly sign ups for league play along with special events. After considering many 3rd party applications, we chose Sign Up Genius. Sign Up Genius provides a nice platform that manages the sign ups. We send out an an email with an invitation to sign up, the user clicks thru, and viola! They see who has already signed up, who hasn't responded, and any other pertinent info about the event. Once he/she has signed up, a calendar invite is sent to his/her calendar of choice. Need to cancel? No problem, just go back to the sign up and edit the RSVP. This addition to our league eliminated over a Billion emails back and forth between the organizer and the members.

By implementing a GoDaddy website and Sign Up Genius, our league was able to become exponentially more efficient in managing the day to day operations of running our league.

What's next for us? Next year, our goal is to have all of our forms fillable online by using Adobe Acrobat Template functions. What this means is all of our forms will be typed - and then submitted. No more hand writing inspection specialists required! If we get really tricky, we may even hook up payments online using Paypal. Ahhh, but baby steps right?

If you would like more information on using tools to make your league more efficient - contact me!

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